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she cries her life is like, some movie black and white

dead actors faking lines, over and over and over again she cries

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new york rangers ♥ anaheim ducks ♥ london knights
montreal canadiens ♥ chicago blackhawks ♥ usa hockey
frolunda indians ♥ avangard omsk

liverpool fc. new york red bulls. real madrid.
USMNT. gli azzurri. la furia roja ♥

DESTINY is Heart, Sacrifice, and Passion
2007 Stanley Cup Champions ♥


ABOUT ME. drea. dray-uh. eighteen. new yorker. loves this city. hockey fanatic. bleeds ranger blue. student.
"I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world"

hockey♥; my life. eat, sleep, breathe hockey. new york rangers. anaheim ducks. london knights. usa hockey. madison square garden is my second home. love to the chicago blackhawks and montreal canadiens. loves hockey history. loves college hockey. wjc fanatic. team usa<3. the dates 6/6 and 6/14 are holidays. 1/5/10<3. all time favorites; pavel bure. jaromir jagr.
"Hard hitting, fast breaking, bullet on ice, the place will be rocking cause it's hockey tonight."

other; jonas brothers. disney channel. the lonely island. liverpool fc. usa soccer. team italy. team spain. usa speedskating. baseball. new york mets. boston red sox. anaheim angels. glee. gossip girl. american idol. miami dolphins. green bay packers.

alexei andreyevich cherepanov; always a favorite. rip sweetheart. 1.15.89 - 10.13.08. nyr first round pick 2007.
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"I love this city tonight. I love this city always"
-- Take Back The City by Snow Patrol

mr. jean beliveau, my hero
"Talent is a gift from God, but you only succeed with hard work."

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